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Ring Doorbell on TV

Ring Doorbell on TV

Can I view Ring Doorbell on TV?

Yes! You can view your Ring Doorbell on any television with a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. You can also view your Ring Doorbell on select Samsung TVs.

Ring Doorbell on TV

Viewing your Ring Doorbell and security cameras on your TV is very convenient. Imagine that you are relaxing on your couch watching TV and the doorbell rings. Simply say “Alexa, show the front door” and you immediately have a live video on your TV. 

You can also get motion and doorbell notifications on your TV screen with some Samsung Smart TVs with SmartThings. You can learn more with Samsung’s guide for viewing your Ring Doorbell on a Smart TV.

Ring 2 vs Ring Pro – Which is better?

Connect Ring to Fire TV

It is very easy to connect your Ring to Fire TV. The first step is to link your Ring Camera to Amazon Alexa with the Ring Skill. Your Ring Camera is controlled on your TV using Amazon Alexa. Alexa is built into the Fire TV and Fire TV stick devices. You can install the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or access it through the web to complete the setup. 

Here is a step-by-step guide with pictures on how you can link your Ring cameras with Amazon Alexa.

How to Connect Ring to Alexa

View Ring Doorbell on TV

Once connected, you can view your Ring Doorbell on your Fire TV with a simple command. Use a connected Amazon Echo device or the smart voice remote with your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and say the following command.

Alexa. Show the front door.

Just replace front door with the name of your Ring Doorbell or other connected camera. Your TV will load the live Ring video stream and display it on your screen.

Fire TV and Ring Doorbell Alexa commands:

  • Alexa, show the front door
  • Alexa, hide the front door
  • Alexa, go home
  • Alexa, play the last event from the front door
  • Alexa, pause
  • Alexa, answer the front door
    • Now you can talk to visitors on your Ring camera from your Echo Device.

Note: Your Ring Doorbell will show a solid blue ring light after you live view it on your Fire TV. The doorbell will remain in this state for 10 minutes until the light goes off. During this time, the doorbell press action will not work. After the 10 minutes expire, the doorbell will be operational again.

Ring Doorbell and Echo Show or Echo Spot

Ring Doorbell pairs perfectly with the Echo Show or Echo Spot. You can view your live feeds or motion events using the same commands as listed above for the Fire TV. However, there are additional commands that can be used on the Echo Show or Spot. 

See video and talk through the camera!

  • Alexa, answer the front door
  • Alexa, talk to the front door

These commands allow you to see the video and talk through the camera. With this setup, you can answer the Ring Doorbell using your Show or Spot and have a 2-way conversation with the person at the door. 

Update: As of March 2020, your Alexa devices with screens can automatically show your Ring Doorbell video when someone presses the doorbell. This is extremely convenient as makes these devices even better. The doorbell rings and the video feed is there…automatically!

Here is a list of Echo devices with screens:

Check out these other projects you can do with Ring Doorbell and Alexa.

  1. Create a Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime – Alexa will chime when your doorbell rings.
  2. Fire TV Cube vs Fire Stick – One key feature that might make this decision obvious.

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59 thoughts on “Ring Doorbell on TV”

  1. I have a Samsung smart tv, alexa is connected to both ring cameras and my tv but when i say “alexa show the the front door” alexa responds with “ok” but the tv screen is just blank.

  2. Hi Jason

    I have a Samsung 7 series tv and I’m trying to link my ring doorbell2 to it using the SmartThings app that seems to be recommended. When trying to connect it keeps coming up with this fault…..
    ‘Ring is reporting that you do not own any devices on this account. First add devices in your ring account’
    The door bell is linked to my account and has perfect signal etc. Is it just that series 2 of the doorbell doesn’t work on the tv!?
    Have you ever come across this?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Nathan,

      The community is having a lot of issues connecting Ring devices through the Samsung SmartThings app. It seems like the Ring Doorbell 2 isn’t supported at this time.

  3. Philip Muchowski

    Hi Jason

    I was successful in connecting my Ring doorbell to my Samsung TV. Front door is being displayed when motion is detected. Is there a way to set the notifications to display (or not display) during certain times of the day? I am able to control my Echo devices by using the “Do not disturb” features but cannot figure out how to make this work with my Samsung TV. Thanks.

    1. Hi Philip,

      You are correct. I don’t see any options to schedule a “Do Not Disturb” time like you can with other Echo devices. Another way to approach this is to set a motion schedule in the Ring App, but that will impact all of your device and not just the TV.


      1. Hey Jason.

        I don’t see any options to add this to 2 Samsung TVs in the same house. It looks like in SmartThings you have to assign it to a room at a time. Am I missing something?


  4. Any chance to see the video of the ring cameras using echo 5 and hisense tv ? Everything is enable but the video is played in my echo not the tv ? Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Cesar. You should test if it will show on your Hisense TV using the voice remote. I haven’t tried connecting a Show device to my TV.

  5. We have Ring doorbell and a Firestick 4K. On a press of the doorbell it is casing the tv to come on, showing the Firestick home menu. Not very handy.
    If the tv is on a press of the doorbell switch’s the tv to the Firestick menu.
    A bit of a pain to be honest.
    Any thoughts on how to stop this?

    1. Hi Paul,

      You can turn off the Ring Doorbell announcement for the Firestick in the settings. Look under announcement devices in the Ring Doorbell device settings in the Alexa app.


      1. I turned off the connection to Alexa altogether. It was driving hubby crazy when I was setting up and he was watching football on network TV

      2. Thank you. This was so annoying that I had to unplug the firestick from the TV in the end. You’ve fixed my problem.

    2. Hi Paul. I’m having the same issue with my tv and ring doorbell….have you managed to sort the issue?
      I’ve turned off the ring doorbell announcement on fire stick and still doing it. Most annoying

  6. Hey Jason, I know Alexa actually operates and works through Amazon’s servers and not the actual Alexa devices in our homes. Still, I want to be sure! I see that a Fire TV can view Ring and Blink camera feeds. We bought some Ring and Blink cameras and installed a couple of them at our BUSINESS. So, while at home and watching our Fire TV, can we still view those cameras feeds on our Fire TV… in addition to the cameras installed at our home? I hope so!

    1. Hi Mike,

      This is a great question. Unfortunately, I haven’t tested this yet. We need to see if you can live view on TV if the devices are on different networks. Please let me know if this works before I can test.

      Thanks, Jason

    1. Hi Mike…I don’t think this is possible with Roku right now. I don’t personally use Roku so someone else might have a workaround.

  7. I have fire stick and able to open ring on my tv can hear the people outside but unable to talk doesn’t work no mic picture coming up when you press the button on fire stick remote?

    1. I have an Echo Dot linked to mine Fire Stick and I talk to the front door through the Echo Dot. I don’t think you can talk through Ring using the remote, but I admit that I’m not 100% sure of that.

  8. Hi,
    Is there a way to show the ring camera on a fire TV automatically when the bell is pressed. So you dont have to explicitly ask alexa to view it just shows the camera view once the bell is pressed?
    Many thanks

    1. At this time you can’t automatically show your Ring Doorbell on Fire TV when the button is pressed. However, this is an option that is available on the Alexa devices that have screens (Echo Show, etc.).

  9. Am I able to get live motion and doorbell press alerts via Alexa skills on Firestick 4k, I am able to view my doorbell live when I request to and I have the option to turn motion and presses on and off but it doesn’t work??
    Thank you In advance

    1. Make sure you have announcements enabled on the device and there isn’t a “do not disturb” set up. Otherwise, you just get a doorbell announcement or ring on the device you selected. Does it work on your other Echo devices?

    1. Absolutely! Just follow the instructions to connect Ring to Alexa and you can see your camera through your Alexa enabled Fire TV.

      1. I have the latest 2019 LG OLED E9 Model Alexa enabled. I also have Ring Video Pro Doorbell.
        Have skills enabled in Alexa App for Ring and LG Thin q App. Still cannot get me LG to show Ring Video Doorbell on Screen, I can raise TV volume and turn off/on my lG thru Alexa but no luck with Ring Video Pro Doorbell. When I say Alexa ask LG to show me my Ring doorbell Alexa responds “OK,, then Hum Something Went Wrong”
        Next Step- LG Customer Service told me even with latest 2019 OLED E9 Alexa Ready TV contrary to LG Sales, I was told I need to add the Amazon Fire TV Stick to the LG TV to allow Ring Video Doorbell to display on TV.
        Did that too have Fire TV added to TV and enabled and added to my Alexa Skills. Still
        Alexa ask Fire TV to show my Ring Doorbell”
        Alexa “Ok… then Hum Something Went wrong.”
        I must be missing something…Can you advise how to get the Ring Video Pro Doorbell to Display on my 2019 LG OLED E9 TV with Fire Stick? Thank you so much!!!

        1. Hi Denise. This sounds like a unique issue with the Alexa enabled LG TV. I don’t have this TV so I can’t do any tests. I am curious if the FireStick would show your Ring doorbell on a different TV.

  10. Shawn Kimbrough

    When I ask the Firestick 4K to show the front door it shows it, but then when I exit the front door, the door bell stays blue. Which means the door bell is not usable until I reset it. Can’t seem to figure out how to get the doorbell to go back to normal operation. It is like it is stuck in the live view.

    1. Hi Shawn,

      I researched and did some experiments based on your comment. I found that the Ring Doorbell will show a blue light for 10 minutes (I timed it) after you access it with live view. The doorbell press action will not work during this time, but it will start working again after 10 minutes. I added this comment in the article. Thanks!


      1. Hello,

        We have a Toshiba Fire TV and have our Ring doorbell paired with it. We can view who is at the door and we can also hear them through the TV but when we try to speak through the TV remote, nothing is heard outside. Can you assist?

        1. Hi Angelle,

          I just checked and everything is working correctly on my TV. Make sure you have ‘Communications’ enabled in the device settings for your device.


  11. Hello, I can’t seem to get the Fire TV Stick 4K to show me the last event from the door bell – it says I haven’t got any photos… Also there is no way to currently (January 2020) to ask Alexa stuff while connected to the doorbell as it just turns the microphone on to talk to the doorbell so I can’t pause the doorbell etc… I am using the Fire TV Stick 4K remote.

    Any ideas?


    1. Hi Simon,

      For the first question, make sure you are saying the exact phrase “show the last event from FRONT DOOR” (replace FRONT DOOR with your doorbell name). Sometimes even putting “the” in the statement will confuse Alexa.

      For the second question, you have to say “Alexa, hang up” first, which closes the mix. Then you can say “hide the front door” or any other phrase.

  12. Hi Jason.

    Great tutorial.

    I have an lg c9 tv with webos 4.x. ive registered it to be controlled via Alexa and have done the same with the ring cam but when i tell the tv to show front door i just get a blank screen which says loading. Tried the usual restarts de registering etc but no joy.


    1. Hi Darren,

      I was also having some issues until a couple of days ago. I recommend making sure your TV and apps are updated and then try again. Hopefully the issue was resolved with the last update.

  13. Is it possible to watch multiple cameras at the same time on a TV or PC? I would like to leave the screen on and be able to see everything at any given time.

    1. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to do this that I’m know of. I use IP camera’s around my home connected with Blue Iris software. This setup allows me to live stream the IP cameras to a monitor in my kitchen. However, I can’t use my Ring cameras with this setup currently. This is an area that needs to be addressed with cloud based cameras.

  14. Do you know if you can view Ring Video Doorbell 1 or Stick Up Cam Wired on a fire stick via Alexa? Seems to be conflicting info online.

    1. Hi Gareth,

      I can confirm that the Stick Up Cam works on a Fire Stick via Alexa. I use this in my own home. However, I’m not 100% sure if the original Ring Doorbell works with this setup.

      Thanks, Jason

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I’m afraid that I can’t answer this question definitively. You can link newer Samsung smart TVs and control them with Alexa. You can also link your Ring camera’s to Samsung Smartthings and view the cameras on the TV. They even have a handy pop up notification feature on the TV.

      However, I’m not sure if you can ask Alexa to show the front door. I don’t see any documentation on this and I don’t currently have a Samsung Smart TV to test. I might have to get one just for the pop up notification feature though!

      Maybe someone else with a Smart TV can help answer this one.


  15. fireTV used to load automatically whenever I said “Alexa, show the front door”. Now I need to manually change the channel to fireTV to view the live camera.. any ideas why this happened and how to fix?

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      What devices are you using? I tried multiple device and I’m not having any issues. However, I have found that sometimes normal things will stop working temporarily and the start working again. For the past week, my Echo dot couldn’t turn on my Fire TV (every other command worked), but today it started working again.

      1. I have a similar situation. My ring doorbell is connected to Alexa and I also have a fire TV stick 4K plugged into an HDMI port of my Sony Bravia TV. I’m using HDMI-CEC to do all the HDMI switching.
        In order for me to show the doorbell camera on my TV I first have to tell Alexa to switch Sony inputs to fire TV. Then I can go “show Front door” and I see the camera.
        Is there any way to automatically switch to fire TV when I ask Alexa to show front door?
        I’m using an Echo Dot third generation for communications.

  16. Hi Jason
    We have a 70″ LG AI ThinQ Tv with a Magic Remote and Google Assistant with Alexa Speaker, would this work in conjunction with this setup?

  17. Hi! We have a 2018 Samsung Smart TV (with the Smart Home app) and have just installed a Video Ring 2 doorbell. If we buy an Alexa, will we be able to ask Alexa to show us who’s at the front door when someone rings the doorbell? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jan,

      Per Samsung, you can only integrate the Ring Pro doorbell with some of the Samsung Smart TVs:
      “Ring Doorbell Pro can be integrated with SmartThings Video. The Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell 2 are not compatible.
      The Ring Doorbell Pro can be monitored within the SmartThings app on your phone, and on 2018 Samsung smart TVs (models NU7400 and above)”

      However, you could use an Alexa FireTV Cube connected to your TV. That would allow you to ask Alexa to “show the front door” on your TV.

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