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Connect Ring Doorbell and Alexa

Connect Ring to Alexa

Does Ring work with Alexa?

Yes. When you connect Ring to Alexa it makes both products better.

Here is a list of ways Ring products work with Alexa.


  1. Use your Amazon Echo as a doorbell chime for your Ring Doorbell.
  2. Answer your Ring Doorbell with your Echo and talk to guests.
  3. View any Ring camera on the Echo Spot, Echo Show or Fire TV with your voice.
  4. Have Alexa make an announcement or run a routine when your Ring doorbell is pressed or motion is detected.
  5. Arm or Disarm your Ring Alarm with Amazon Echo.

Connecting Alexa and Ring is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Once you complete the setup, all of your Rind devices will be available through your Alexa devices.

Connect Ring to Alexa

You can enable the Ring Skill for Alexa from your computer or from your phone. The process of authorizing the Ring skill and linking the accounts is very similar. If you are using your computer, then open the Ring skill from the link below and click enable to start the process.

Get the Amazon Ring Skill

Step 1: Open Alexa Skills Menu

In your Alexa app, click the “hamburger” menu in the upper left corner and select “Skills & Games”.

Select Alexa Menu
Select Alexa Skills and Games

Step 2: Install the Ring Skill on Alexa

Select the “search” icon in the upper right. Next, type in “Ring” and the Ring skill will show up in the search results. Don’t worry about the low rating. The Ring skill has improved a lot since it was first released.

Search Alexa Skills
Connect Alexa and Ring Skill

Step 3: Enable the Ring Skill for Alexa

Click “Enable to Use” the Ring skill. Then you will login to your Ring account to connect Ring and Alexa.

Enable Ring Skill
Sign into Ring Account

Step 4: Authorize to Connect Ring and Alexa

Click “Authorize” to finalize the connection of Ring to Alexa. You will then receive a confirmation that Ring and Alexa are successfully linked.

Authorize Ring Skill to connect with Alexa.
Connect Ring and Alexa Confirmation

Step 5: Discover Your Ring Devices on Alexa

The final step is to discover your Ring devices. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Click “Discover Devices” in the app during setup.
  2. Say “Alexa, Discover Devices” any time to add all new devices.

The discovery process will take around 45 seconds so please be patient during this time.

Alexa Discover Devices
Alexa Discovering Devices

Ring and Alexa Projects

You can now see all of your Ring products under the “Devices” tab in the Alexa app. This includes the Ring Doorbell, the various Ring cameras and Ring Alarm.

Here are some great projects to start after you connect Ring and Alexa together:

  • Create a Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime - Set up your Amazon Echo devices to ring or chime when your doorbell is pushed. You can select from multiple chimes, music and holiday sounds.
  • View Ring Doorbell on TV - View your Ring cameras on an Echo Spot, Echo Show, Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Just say, the front door (use your camera name).
  • Turn on an Alexa Ring Motion Announcement - You can have Alexa announce that motion was detected on your Ring camera.
  • Create an Alexa Ring Routine - Create a custom routine to perform multiple actions if your Ring Doorbell is pressed or if there is motion detected on your Ring camera.
  • Set up Ring Alarm with Alexa - You can arm and disarm your Ring Alarm by voice after completing this setup.
  • Answer Ring Doorbell - Answer the door and talk to guests with an Echo Spot or Echo Show.

P.S. Please leave a comment below to ask a question, help someone else or share your experiences. Thanks!

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