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Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime

Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime

Ring Doorbell Chime Options

A Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime is one of several doorbell chime options depending on the type and setup of your Ring Doorbell.

Wired doorbells have the most chime options. Wired doorbells can ring most mechanical and digital doorbells that are already installed in your home. Battery powered doorbells are more limited because they can not connect to your existing doorbell chimes.

Chime options for the Ring Doorbell:

Ring Doorbell – Wired Ring Doorbell – Battery
Ring Phone AppYesYes
Ring ChimeYesYes
Amazon Alexa DevicesYes Yes
Mechanical DoorbellYes No
Digital DoorbellYes No

Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime

I love using my Amazon Alexa devices for a Ring Doorbell Chime. Alexa is the perfect solution for people that already have Amazon Echo devices throughout their home. It is also a better purchase than the Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro since you can do a lot more with an Echo for the same or cheaper price.

Ring 2 vs Ring Pro – Which is better?

The Ring Doorbell can chime on any of the Amazon Echo Devices. The Echo Dot and Echo Flex are the easiest to put across your home. You can view the Ring Doorbell on the Echo Show.

Benefits of Using Alexa as a Ring Doorbell Chime

  1. Hear chimes throughout your home where the doorbell was hard to hear.
  2. Select from a list of notifications including music, sounds and traditional doorbell chimes.
  3. Turn off doorbell chimes on Alexa using “Do Not Disturb” hours.

How to Setup a Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime

I assume you already have the Ring app and the Alexa app on your phone. Make sure both applications are updated to the most recent version to avoid any issues. You also need to connect Ring and Alexa by installing the Ring skill. If can find directions here:

Connect Ring and Alexa

Step 1: Open the Alexa App and Select Devices

The “Devices” tab can be found in the bottom right corner of the Alexa app. Scroll to the far right on the header list to find “All Devices”.

Select Alexa Smart Home Devices in App
Alexa Device List

Step 2: Open Your Ring Doorbell in the Device List

Scroll through the list of devices and find your doorbell. It will be listed as the name you used during the setup process in the Ring app. It will also have a camera icon by it.

Ring Doorbell Alexa App
Find Your Doorbell

Step 3: Turn on Doorbell Press and Select Doorbell Sound

Turn on “Doorbell Press” and Alexa announces a message for a doorbell press. Next, press “Select Sound” to choose from a list of doorbell chimes, music and noises. Optional: Turn on “Motion” if you want Alexa to announce if motion is detected on your Ring Doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime
Turn On Doorbell Press
Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime Sounds
Doorbell Press Sound

When will the Ring Doorbell Chime on Alexa?

Once you complete the setup, your Ring Doorbell will chime on all of your Amazon Alexa devices when the doorbell button is pushed. You can turn off the Ring Doorbell chime by setting up “Do Not Disturb” hours for each Alexa device. This is perfect if you want to turn off the doorbell chime in or around the kids bedrooms. It is also great if you want to take a nap without being woken up by the mailman, etc.

Other Ring Doorbell and Alexa Resources:

  1. Connect Ring Doorbell to Alexa – How to correctly and quickly link your Ring Doorbell to Alexa.

Check our Ring’s official support page for setting up a chime or leave a comment below if you have more questions.

P.S. Please leave a comment below to ask a question, help someone else or share your experiences. Thanks!

27 thoughts on “Ring Doorbell Alexa Chime”

  1. Hi, I have linked my Ring Doorbell 2 to five Echo devices. I’ve confirmed that the Do Not Disturb is switched off, but yet I receive no chime on any of my Alexa devices when the Ring Doorbell is pressed. Any ideas?

  2. We have our alexa show set at a quiet volume (2-3) normally. Is there a way to have the ring doorbell alert come across louder (8-10)?

  3. Can you get the actual ring doorbell tone on Alexa echo? I’ve searched the settings but can’t see this tone. Thanks

  4. I’m trying to do get the chime to work via my echo dot, do u need to remove the chime from the system for it to work via the dot
    Also on the Alexa app I don’t have the option for doorbell press it just says doorbell press announcements abs work work. I’ve set communications and do not disturb is off?

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Your menu is correct. It has changed slightly since I posted the last screen shot. You should turn on “Doorbell Press Announcements” and then ensure the Echo Dot is selected in the “Announcement Devices”.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I have a Sonos Beam with Communication Enabled and it still doesn’t show up as a Ring Announcement Device. I think this is a missing feature on the Sonos devices with Alexa compared to standard Echo devices. Maybe this will change in the future.


  5. Anybody know how to get an Echo show to automatically “show” the Ring camera when the doorbell is pressed? I know you can ask Alexa to show the camera on a command, but I am looking for a way for this to come up as soon as the doorbell is pressed so one sees who is at the door. IFTT ? Other?

    1. Hi Leo,

      After you link your Echo Show to Ring, the doorbell announcement will play and the video will automatically show. Just make sure your Echo Show isn’t in Do Not Disturb mode. Also, I had to turn off Ring notifications in the Alexa app and then turn it back on to get the devices to work correctly.


  6. Set up ring doorbell with echo flex but it still doesn’t chime, have checked all the settings and they all seem fine. Any ideas on what the issue may be?

    1. Hi Anayeth,

      Make sure you don’t have “Do Not Disturb” setup on your Echo Flex. Also, make sure the Echo Flex is selected as an “Announcement Device” in the Ring Doorbell settings.


  7. Is it possible to make the Ring doorbell ring using Alexa of the Ring app? I realize most people don’t want to ring their own doorbell from inside their homes, but I’m trying to use it to train my dog to respond calmly to the doorbell ringing.

    1. Hi Christine,

      You can’t make Ring Doorbell ring using the app but you can cycle through the alternate chimes in the Alexa app. That would at least make the sound on your phone. We did the same thing at my home by searching “Ring Doorbell Chime” on Youtube to play a recorded clip.

      I hope you are successful. My dog still goes crazy when Ring chimes.


  8. You also need to make sure that you have enabled communication / calling & messaging / announcements in you Echo on the Alexa app otherwise the doorbell is not allowed to ‘communicate’ with the doorbell.

    You can select announcements only if you still do not want anyone to drop in on you.

    Hope this helps as I was pulling my hair out with it at first!

    1. Hello! Thanks for this comment. I did enable all the communications for the Alexa Echo and Echo Dot on the app, but when the doorbell is rung, the Echo and Dot are still not chiming. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

  9. Thank you for this information. I’ve just linked Ring to the Amazon Fire TV and the Echo Dot is chiming when the Ring Doorbell 2 is pressed. None of this was suggested in the initial setup. I just Googled your site and Google does not make any of this stuff. Go figure?

    1. I don’t have a Nest Hello so I did a little research. From my understanding, it isn’t possible to use Alexa devices for Google Hello visitor announcements. Unfortunately, that is the downside to mixing smart home technologies until everyone starts playing nicely together.


  10. Thanks for these instructions on connecting Ring to Alexa to hear the ring doorbell. I did all the steps you laid out, but my Alexa (Echo) does not chime. It rings on my phone, but not on the Alexa. Why is that?

    1. One thing to check is the do not disturb settings. This is in the device settings on each of your Alexa devices. If it is on, then the chime won’t sound on the Alexa device.


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