How to Change Alexa’s Name

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How to Change Alexa Name
Do you want to change Alexa’s wake word? Find out how to change Alexa’s name in this quick guide.

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Amazon gives us a few options to change the Wake Word of our Echo devices. This is especially important for people having problems because there name is Alexa or something similar.

Unfortunately, we can’t create a custom name or Wake Word, but you do have a few good options.

Currently, you can change Alexa’s name to any of the following:

  • Alexa
  • Amazon
  • Echo
  • Computer

You can change the name on each individual device. This allows you to have one device with a Wake Word of “Alexa” and another device with a Wake Word of “Computer”, etc. However, this also means you have to change the name on all of your Echo one by one if you want them all to have the same Wake Word.

There are two ways to change the name of Alexa:

  1. Using the Alexa App
  2. Using Voice Commands

How to Change Alexa Name in the App

You can change Alexa’s name on any Echo device with a few simple steps in the app.

Step 1 – Open “Devices” and Select “Echo & Alexa”

Open the Devices menu found in the bottom right corner of the app. Then select the Echo & Alexa tab found in the top right corner of the app.

Select Alexa Smart Home Device
Select Devices
Select Echo and Alexa
Select Echo & Alexa

Step 2 – Select the Alexa Device

Scroll through the list and select the device that you want to change the name. You have to change the name on each device individually.

Choose Alexa Device
Choose Alexa Device

Step 3 – Select “Wake Word” to Change Alexa Name

Scroll to the bottom of the device settings and select Wake Word. This will give you a list of options to change the Alexa name. The options include Alexa, Computer, Echo and Amazon.

How to Change Alexa Name or Wake Word
Change Alexa Name / Wake Word
List of Alexa Names and Wake Words
List of Alexa Names and Wake Words

After a couple of minutes, your Echo device will now start responding to the new name you selected.

How to Change Alexa Name by Voice  

You can quickly change the Alexa name on any device with a voice command.

Just say the following:

Alexa…change your name.

Alexa will then give you a list of options to change the name. You will then be asked which name you like. After that, just respond with one of the listed names: Echo, Computer, Alexa or Amazon.

Other Alexa Settings

  1. Alexa Security Settings – Includes how to clear your voice history.
  2. How to Change Alexa Voice – Alexa can speak in a different language or accent.

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