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why is alexa flashing yellow

Why is Alexa Flashing Yellow?

Your Alexa speaker will blink or flash yellow anytime you have a message or notification. Just say, “Alexa, what are my notifications” to play the notifications and stop Alexa from flashing yellow.

Notifications that Cause Alexa to Flash Yellow

There are several types of notifications that cause the Alexa light ring to blink or flash yellow.

  • Amazon Shopping Notifications – Alexa will flash yellow for delivery notifications, order updates, Amazon community product questions and more. You can control these notifications in the Amazon Alexa settings.
  • Alexa Message Notifications – If someone sends you a message using Alexa, then your Echo will flash yellow to notify you of the message. You will hear the voice message when you ask Alexa to play the notification or message.
  • Alexa Reminder Notifications – If you have a missed reminder, then your Echo ring might pulse yellow depending on your Alexa Reminder settings. When you play the notification, Alexa will repeat your reminder.

How to Stop Alexa from Blinking Yellow

If your Alexa is blinking yellow now, just say “Alexa, what are my notifications”.

Alexa will play the notification and stop flashing yellow on your Echo devices.

Change Alexa Settings to Stop Flashing Yellow

Do you want to permanently disable flashing yellow notifications on Alexa?

You can control notification settings for Amazon shopping, Alexa messaging and Alexa reminders in the Alexa app.

1. Change Amazon Shopping Notifications

Navigate to: Settings / Notifications / Amazon Shopping

You can turn on or off Amazon Shopping notifications depending on your preferences.

This includes notifications if a package is out for delivery or delivered, customer questions, product reviews and more.

2. Change Alexa Messaging Notifications

Navigate to: Devices / [Your Specific Device] / Communications

Turn off Calling and Messaging for your Echo device and you will no longer get notifications that create the yellow flashing light.

3. Change Alexa Reminder Notifications

Navigate to: Settings / Reminders

The reminders setting allows you to turn on or off missed reminder notifications. If you turn on missed reminders, then Alexa will flash yellow if a reminder happens when your phone isn’t near your Alexa device.

Other Alexa Light Information

You answered the question, “Why is Alexa flashing yellow”.

Here are additional questions about Alexa flashing pulsing and blinking lights:

Follow this guide if you need to reset your Alexa device.

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