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Ring Doorbell Battery Life

Ring Doorbell Battery Life

Battery powered Ring Doorbells and cameras allow you to install the devices anywhere even if you don’t have power. 

This is great for convenience, but there are tradeoffs for using a battery powered doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Battery Life

The number one question when considering a battery powered Ring Doorbell is how long the battery will last before it needs to be recharged. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “it depends”. 

Ring states the battery will last for 1000 activations or events, which can be multiple months. 

However, the battery life will differ from person to person based on your individual circumstances. If your Ring battery is draining too fast, then it is probably due to one of the two factors below.

Ring Doorbell Battery Life is impacted by two factors:

  1. Weather – Colder weather will cause the battery to drain faster or prevent it from charging entirely. 
  2. Activity Usage – High traffic areas will trigger the device more often, which will cause the battery to drain faster.

Weather Impact on Battery Life

Ring uses Lithium Ion batteries that are negatively impacted by cold weather. When the weather gets colder, your battery will have a harder time staying charged. If it gets too cold, then the battery might stop charging or even stop working entirely. 

TemperatureRing Battery Life Impact
36 Degrees FahrenheitThe battery will start struggling to hold a charge. Battery life will be lower and you will have to charge the battery more frequently.
32 Degrees FahrenheitThe battery could stop charging until it warms up. This can impact hardwired Ring Doorbells that run off of batteries. See more below.
-5 Degrees FahrenheitThe battery could stop working completely. In this case, the battery and camera will not work until it is warmed up.

If you live in an area that has temperatures below 36 degrees Fahrenheit, then you should consider a device that isn’t powered by a battery. I recommend and use the Ring Pro.

This is one of several differences you will find when you compare Ring 2 versus the Ring Pro video doorbells.

Activity Usage Impact on Battery Life

The second factor impacting battery life is the number of motion events or activations. If your camera is in a high traffic area, then the battery life will be negatively impacted. Some people even report batteries being drained in just a few days because of high usage.

Ring recommends that you adjust the motion settings to minimize the activations in this situation. This doesn’t sound like a good solution to me since we buy the devices to capture all of the events that occur.

Hardwiring and Ring Battery Life

Connecting your Ring Doorbell by using your 8-24 low voltage wires is a great way to eliminate the need to recharge the battery. This solves the issue of having battery drain from high activity and usage.

However, you should know that hardwiring the Ring Doorbell only allows the device to continually charge. The battery will still be negatively impacted by cold temperatures and could stop charging or working if it gets too cold

The Ring Pro is powered (not charged) by the low voltage wires so it isn’t impacted by cold weather like the Ring 2. Ring Pro does have an internal power cell that charges when installed and is evident by a flashing blue light.

Charging Ring Batteries

When your battery life is low, the Ring app will notify you that it is time to recharge the battery.

You can also check the current battery level in the app for any device. The battery level is found in the upper right hand corner of the settings for your device. You can tap the battery indicator to see the exact percentage of battery life remaining.

Ring Doorbell Battery Life Indicator
Battery Indicator
Ring Doorbell Battery Life Percentage
Battery Percentage

All current batteries use a quick release mechanism so they can be easily removed and charged. The battery is recharged using a USB cable and typically reaches full charge in around 5 to 10 hours. 

Ring Battery Options

If you can’t hardwire your doorbell, then a battery powered device is still a great choice. There are several products available to ensure your Ring has a fully charged battery.

The first option is to keep one or more spare batteries charged and ready to swap out when battery life gets low. These batteries are affordable and can be used in multiple Ring camera products.

The second option is to install a solar mount or solar panel. These products will prolong the battery life or even eliminate the need to remove the battery for charging.

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