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Chamberlain MyQ Review

Chamberlain MyQ Review

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain is a name brand that we recognize when we think of garage doors. Their history and experience in the industry is obvious and shows in the MyQ product.

The design and setup of the garage door controller and app is very simple. Additionally, the Chamberlain MyQ works with virtually every garage door opener on the market. However, it’s simplicity doesn’t mean that it lacks features.

Once installed, you can open and close your garage door from anywhere using the simple MyQ app on your phone. You can also set up MyQ to close your garage by voice with Google Assistant. Do you use Amazon Alexa? You can close your MyQ garage by voice with a simple IFTTT setup. 

MyQ Review Summary

I wish Chamberlain MyQ had direct integration with Alexa and the ability to open the garage door by voice. However, it does everything we need it to do. MyQ gives us remote control of our garage door. It notifies us when the garage door is opened, closed, or left open too long. And it can automatically close your garage door if you forget. Security first and convenience second. This is a device I trust.


Things we like

  • Low cost is a great value
  • Extremely simple installation (no wires)
  • Works with most garage door openers manufactured since 1993
  • Schedule your garage to close if it is left open
  • Provide guest access to control your garage door
  • Control 2 doors with one hub


Things that could be better

  • No direct integration with Alexa
  • Chamberlain previously charged for IFTTT and Google Assistant (currently free)
  • Can’t open the garage door by voice (only close)
  • Only works with 2.4Ghz WiFi (Not 5.0Ghz)

MyQ Garage Door Opener Features

The sections below discuss in detail the primary features of the MyQ Garage Door Opener. This should help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the product. With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision on whether or not this product will work for you.

Garage Door Compatibility

Compatibility is an area where Chamberlain MyQ shines. Chamberlain states the product will work with virtually every garage door opener manufactured since 1993.

If your garage door has safety sensor eyes, then it will likely be compatible with Chamberlain MyQ. The safety sensor eyes are two sensors found at the bottom of each side of your garage door tracks. 

You can use the Chamberlain MyQ compatibility checker to find out if MyQ will work with your garage door.

MyQ Installation and Setup

Installing the MyQ garage door opener is very easy. The phone app walks you through every step of the process with images and videos. 

There are three primary steps to install the MyQ device: mounting the hub, mounting the garage door sensor, and setting up WiFi with the app.

Mounting MyQ Hub

MyQ Ceiling Mounted
MyQ Garage Ceiling Mounted

The first step is to mount the MyQ Hub. The MyQ hub controls the garage door (wirelessly) and provides light and sound alerts before the garage door closes.

The best place to mount the MyQ Hub is on the ceiling of your garage close to a power outlet. Most garages have a power outlet located in the center of the garage by the electric garage door opener.

It only requires two screws to mount the MyQ Hub on your ceiling. First, you screw in the hub mount and then you slide the MyQ Hub onto the mount. After that, you can run the power cord to the outlet and you are done. This requires a ladder, but it is as simple as it gets.

It is important to note that you don’t have to wire the Myq Hub to your garage door opener. The Hub controls your garage door using a wireless signal just like a car remote.

Mounting MyQ Garage Door Sensor

MyQ Garage Door Sensor

MyQ Garage Sensor mounted on garage door

The second step is to mount the MyQ garage door sensor. This sensor communicates with the MyQ Hub and App to let you know if the garage door is open or closed. This is a standard tilt sensor.

The garage door sensor is mounted with double-sided sticky tape. You simply stick the sensor on a panel towards the top of your garage door. This ensures that the sensor relays the correct position of your garage door.

MyQ WiFi and App Setup

The final step is connecting the MyQ Hub to your WiFi network using the MyQ app. All notifications and remote control features of the MyQ are controlled via WiFi.

The process of connecting MyQ to your WiFi network is simple. However, you want to ensure that you have a strong WiFi signal in your garage. If you don’t, then you won’t have consistent and reliable control over your garage door using the app. 

That being said, the MyQ Hub does a good job of maintaining a connection even if the WiFi signal is weak at times. This probably won’t be an issue, but it is worth considering when you are looking for the right smart garage door opener.

MyQ Safety and Security

You want to ensure that opening and closing your garage door remotely is both safe and secure. This is especially important if you have kids running around the house.

If your garage door works with MyQ, then it likely already has beam sensors and a safety reversal sensor. Additionally, MyQ has built-in safety features to alert a person that the garage door is getting ready to close. Before your garage door closes, the MyQ Hub will make a loud beeping sound and it will flash a bright light to alert anyone in the area.

The MyQ visual and audible alerts are required for unattended operation of a garage door based on federal government safety standards. Based on these standards, a remotely operated garage door must have the following safety features:

  1. Audible alarm for a minimum of 5 seconds before the garage door starts moving.
  2. Flashing light greater than 360 lumens.

Additionally, remote operation is only available for sectional garage doors. You cannot use MyQ or any other remote garage door opener on a single-piece garage door.

Can anyone open my MyQ garage door if I lose my phone?

MyQ prevents unauthorized access from your phone with additional security options in the app. This includes requiring a password of a fingerprint ID for opening the app, viewing the account, and opening doors or gates.

MyQ App Features

Besides security, the MyQ app has several convenient features for controlling and monitoring your garage door. This includes schedules, reminders and notifications, guest access, and history.

Follow our guide on How to Reset MyQ Garage Door Opener to remove your personal information from the device.


My favorite feature of the MyQ app is schedules. With MyQ, you can create a schedule to automatically close your garage a night if it remains open. This ensures that you never go to be and leave the garage door open all night. I created a simple schedule that closes my door every night at 10 PM if it is still open. 

Reminders and Notifications

Another useful MyQ app feature is reminders and notification alerts. The alerts can be sent with a push notification to your phone or via email. You can create alerts for the following events:

  1. Garage Door is Open
  2. Garage Door is Stopped
  3. Garage Door is Closed

The alerts can trigger as soon as the event happens or a period of time after the event has occurred. For example, you can get a notification immediately when the garage door is opened. You can also create an alert if the garage door is left open more than one hour, etc. 

I have alerts set up every hour for 6 hours so I continually get notified every hour the garage door is left open. 

Guest Access

Guest access allows you to share the ability to open and close your garage door with another person. You simply enter their name and email address to share access.

The person receiving the shared access must download the MyQ app and then they can control your garage door. This is done without giving the person your password.

You can remove guest access at any time in the MyQ app. Currently, you are allowed to share access with up to three guests.


The final feature of the MyQ app is usage history. At a glance, the app shows you whether the garage door is open or closed and how long it has been in that state.

The MyQ app also shows history for every time the garage door is opened or closed. It also shows who performed the action (including scheduled closing as discussed above).

Overall, the MyQ app provides all the features you would expect in a smart garage door opener. The interface is very clean and simple to use. Even the least technical person shouldn’t have any issues creating a notification or a schedule.

MyQ Integration with Other Platforms

Integration with other platforms is a key consideration for a smart garage opener. The MyQ garage door opener has integrations with some platforms, but this isn’t any area where it shines.

Here are the primary platforms most users ask about:

  1. Alexa – No, MyQ doesn’t have direct integration with Alexa. However, you can create a simple setup with IFTTT to close your garage door by voice with Alexa.
  2. Google Assistant – Yes, MyQ has direct integration with Google Assistant to close the garage door by voice. However, MyQ doesn’t have direct integration with Google Home.
  3. IFTTT – Yes, MyQ directly integrates with IFTTT. This is the best way to control MyQ by voice with Alexa.
  4. SmartThings – No, MyQ doesn’t directly integrate with SmartThings at this time.

Does MyQ charge money to integrate with Google or IFTTT?

At this time, MyQ doesn’t charge fees to integrate their product with Google or IFTTT. However, they have charged an annual fee of $10 per year in the past. You still have to sign up for this service and they reserve the right to charge a fee in the future. Don’t do it, Chamberlain!

Amazon Key

Another integration to mention in Amazon Key. MyQ is a certified Amazon Key device that allows Amazon to deliver packages inside your garage. Amazon Key allows you to protect your package deliveries when you are at work or on vacation. 

Delivery drivers only receive one-time access to your garage. This access is only granted once Amazon confirms the driver is at the right house and has the right package to deliver. 

Limited Time: Amazon is offering a $30 credit on your first in-garage delivery

MyQ Alternatives to Consider

If direct integration with Amazon Alexa and SmartThings is a must for you, then you should consider the NEXX Smart Garage Door Opener. 

The NEXX garage door opener doesn’t have the name recognition of Chamberlain MyQ, but it is a good product. Overall, the installation and app aren’t as intuitive as MyQ, but it has a lot more integration possibilities with other home automation platforms.


Don’t overly complicate your choice for a smart garage door opener. Security is the primary reason to automate your garage door, and MyQ provides rock-solid performance in that category.

You can automatically schedule your garage door to close so it is never left open overnight. Additionally, the notifications ensure you are constantly updated if the garage door is opened or left open too long.

The ability to open and close your garage door remotely is nice.  But in the end, you are mainly going to want the security features.

Currently, MyQ is the smart garage door opener I use in my home. Originally, I wanted the deeper integration options, but quickly realized that MyQ performs the functions I need perfectly.

Check out these guides to make MyQ even better:

  1. Control MyQ by Voice with Alexa (Using IFTTT)
  2. Control MyQ by Voice with Google Assistant

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