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Does Chamberlain MyQ work with Google Home Assistant

Does MyQ Work with Google Home Assistant

A good smart garage door opener allows you to control your garage by voice.

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Opener is one of the best and most popular devices on the market. But there are a few important questions to answer:

  • Does MyQ work with Google Home, Google Assistant, or both?
  • Does MyQ charge a monthly fee to connect with Google?
  • What garage door openers work with Google Home?

You can add MyQ to Google Home assistant in two simple steps. 1) Activate the Google Assistant service on the MyQ website, and 2) Connect MyQ to Google Assistant in the app. After connecting, just say “OK Google, ask MyQ to close the garage”.

Does MyQ Work with Google Home?

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door opener does NOT work with Google Home. However, you can use MyQ with Google Assistant. 

Google Assistant Status – CURRENTY WORKING

As of now, Google Assistant and MyQ have stopped working together (even though it is listed in the MyQ app). The instructions below will not work, but I will leave them in case Google makes this available again.

In the meantime, you can close your garage door with Alexa which seems to be a better solution.

After connecting MyQ to Google Assistant, you can close the garage door or get the status of the garage door by voice. Just say, “OK Google, ask MyQ to close the garage door”.

How do I Connect MyQ to Google Assistant?

There are two primary ways to connect the MyQ Garage Door opener to Google Assistant.

  • Connect using MyQ Subscription Service (Currently Free)
  • Connect using IFTTT (Preferred)

Both methods of connecting MyQ to Google Assistant allow you to close your garage door by voice. However, the IFTTT method is simpler than the MyQ Subscription Service. 

Unfortunately, you can’t open the garage door by voice with either of these options. MyQ doesn’t allow this mostly for security reasons.

Option 1 – MyQ Google Assistant Subscription Service

The MyQ Google Assistant Subscription is typically a paid service ($10 annually). However, MyQ is offering this service for free at this time.

There are two steps to use the MyQ Google Assistant Subscription.

  1. Connect MyQ to Google Assistant in the app
  2. Subscribe to the Google Assistant service on the MyQ website

Don’t forget the second step or you will just get a notification in Google Assistant that this is a paid feature.

Step 1: Connect MyQ to Google Assistant in the App

It’s a simple process to connect MyQ to Google Assistant.

  1. Open Google Assistant and click the “Compass” in the bottom right corner
  2. Type MyQ in the search bar and select the MyQ app
  3. Click “Link” and enter your MyQ credentials to allow Google Assistant to control your MyQ devices
Select Compass in Google Assistant
Click Compass in Google Assistant
Search Google Assistant for MyQ
Search for MyQ
Link MyQ and Google Assistant
Link MyQ with Google Assistant

Step 2: Subscribe to Google Assistant MyQ Subscription

MyQ requires this step because they want the option to charge for this service in the future. Previously, they charged $10 per year to allow you to link Google Assistant with MyQ (CRAZY). However, the service is currently free and it has been that way for a while.

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Scroll down the page and click “Activate Subscription”
  3. Login to your account and complete the transaction

Don’t forget to perform this step. Most people that have issues forget to activate the MyQ subscription service for Google Assistant.

MyQ Voice Commands for Google Assistant Subscription

After connecting MyQ to Google Assistant, you can use the following commands to control or get the status of your garage door.

  • OK Google, ask MyQ to close the garage door
    • You will likely be prompted with “Which Door” even if you only have one garage door (It’s a clunky integration)
  • OK Google, ask MyQ if the garage door is open

Option 2 – Connect Google Assistant to MyQ with IFTTT

I prefer to use the IFTTT integration to control MyQ with Google Assistant. The voice commands are easier to use. You can simply say “OK Google, close garage door”. You don’t have to invoke MyQ or tell it which door to close.

The only downside is that you can’t ask for the status of the garage door. This would require the Google Assistant Service setup described above. 

Steps to Connect Google Assistant to MyQ with IFTTT

  1. Login to IFTTT and create a new applet
    1. Click “Explore” in the upper right corner
    2. Click “Create” next to Make Your Own From Scratch
  2. Click the + Sign for the IF Trigger
    1. Search for Google Assistant
    2. Select “Say a Simple Phrase” trigger
    3. Enter “Close Garage” or your preferred statement as the voice command
    4. Press Create Trigger
  3. Click the + Sign for the THEN THAT Action
    1. Search for MyQ
    2. Select “Close Door” as the action
    3. Choose your garage door
    4. Press Create Action
  4. Name your IFTTT MyQ Applet and Create

Now you can simply say “OK Google, close garage” and the IFTTT applet will trigger. This is much more user friendly than having to say “Ask MyQ” before every command.

Garage Door Openers that Work with Google Home

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door opener is a great device. It is simple to install, works with almost all garage doors and it is reliable. I use MyQ in my home.

However, you should consider other smart garage door openers if you want to open your garage door by voice.

The best alternative is the NEXX Smart Garage Opener. NEXX is a WiFI garage door controller that integrates with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. The NEXX device can also integrate with SmartThings for advanced smart home automation.

Make sure you Reset your MyQ Hub to factory settings before returning or selling it.

The NEXX app and installation are not as clean and easy as MyQ, but it is a solid device.

MyQ and Google Assistant – Conclusion

MyQ works well with Google Assistant, but you can’t add it as a device in Google Home.

MyQ is a great garage door opener to pair with Google Assistant if you primarily want the option to close your garage door by voice. If opening your garage door by voice is a must-have, then you should consider the NEXX Smart Garage Opener.

I use the MyQ Smart Garage Door opener with Alexa in my home. This is a great set up for me and I can include MyQ in my Alexa routines.

P.S. Please leave a comment below to ask a question, help someone else or share your experiences. Thanks!

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25 thoughts on “Does Chamberlain MyQ work with Google Home Assistant”

  1. May 2023. I have tried multiple times over the last few weeks to connect MyQ and Google together at my sister’s home. Not able to. Not finding MyQ in the list of apps that Google can connect to.
    Couple of years ago I put this opener in my mom’s garage and linked without a problem.
    Today I found on the Chamberlain/MyQ website this disappointing statement:
    “Note: Google Assistant access is only available for current myQ users, and is not supported for new myQ users. Note: If a myQ user signs out of their Google Account it will no longer be possible to relink the myQ account to Google Assistant.”
    So disappointing.

    1. I would think this is not the best idea. Example: A Thief standing outside yells into the house; “Hey Google, Open the garage door!”

    1. We can thank Google for taking away another feature. I put an update at the beginning of the article. Time to move to Alexa?

      1. Not true. It works for me. I am in Toronto, Canada. You use phone Google Assistant say ” link myQ to Google Assistant” it will give you a Chamberlain login screen, after login to account you will see MyQ icon in Google Assistant on phone with a link button, click it to link account. Once linked, all your Google devices will have access. I can ask Google Home to open or close my garage door or check status.

  2. Thank you so much for detailing the steps to connect MyQ through the Google Assistant and through IFTTT. I never would have figured this out on my own.
    My BF looks out the door to the garage every night to make sure it’s closed before going to bed. Now he can just ask Google — he won’t down load the MyQ app on his phone but will grudgingly talk to Google.
    Hoping Chamberlain doesn’t start charging for the service again, and if they do that they go with a more reasonable price, like $10 a year.

  3. MyQ does not work with Google Assistant… It will tell you the status of the doors and it will close them.. but it refuses to open them (which is the most important part.) Gives me an error about “for security purposes I cannot open the garage door yet”
    Crazy… Very bad system.. very bad installation process.

  4. With MyQ, you can allow an Amazon delivery person open the garage but not me as the device and home owner? Seems like MyQ is only 1/2 integrated with Google Assistant. Buyers beware. I wasn’t

    1. Hi Norman,

      You can open your garage door with the MyQ app. However, as you stated, you can can’t open the garage door with Google Assistant (Only close). I understand they do it for security, but I agree that it is frustrating.


  5. I’m not sure if the IFTTT method is working anymore.

    I get all the way to the end, but then it says “no options available” for the door and I can’t get passed it.

    1. Hi Crhis,

      The same issue was posted by someone on the Alexa post. However, this is still working for me.

      Please check that your MyQ garage door is set up in your home correctly. Also, make sure you have activated the IFTTT subscription service with MyQ. That is found at the following website:

      If this doesn’t work, then I will delete my setup and try to reinstall from scratch to see if I can find an issue.


  6. Has MyQ stopped working with google assistant? I had it set up and working fine for months, now it doesn’t work and does not appear as a device any longer, nor is MyQ able to be added back in. Anyone seeing the same and is MyQ now off of google’s “works with” list?

    1. Hi Mike,

      MyQ still works and is still listed as compatible with Google Assistant. Additionally, MyQ is not charging for this “subscription” like they have in the past. I tested it this morning and it is still working for me.


  7. At the start of the writing you said, “Unfortunately, you can’t open the garage door by voice with either of these options. MyQ doesn’t allow this mostly for security reasons.” then close to the bottom you said, “Now you can simply say “OK Google, open garage” and the IFTTT applet will trigger. This is much more user friendly than having to say “Ask MyQ” before every command.”
    …a little contradicting?

    1. Thanks David. I didn’t mean to contradict myself. I updated the page to correctly state “OK Google, close garage” with the IFTTT integration at the end of the article.

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