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Ring Two Factor Authentication

Ring Two Factor Authentication

You have seen the scary news stories where hackers get access to a home security camera.

You feel violated just watching these stories.

We want to make sure our cameras are never accessed by a stranger. Ring two factor authentication is a simple and effective way to prevent unauthorized access to your cameras.

What is Ring Two Factor Authentication

When you enable two factor authentication, Ring will send a text or email with a verification code that has to be entered along with your password. This provides an extra layer of security if your Ring password is compromised.

How to Enable Ring Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is enabled using the Ring app on your phone. Just follow the simple steps below and you can be protected in about 60 seconds.

Step 1: Open Ring Control Center

Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the Ring app. Then select “Control Center” to access the Ring security features.

Ring App Hamburger Menu
Ring App Hamburger Menu
Ring Control Center
Ring Control Center

Step 2: Select Two Step Verification

In the Ring Control Center, select “Two Step Verification” to enable or edit the how you will receive a verification code from Ring.

Select Ring Two Factor Verification
Select Ring Two Step Verification

Step 3: Choose Text or Email Verification

Choose Text Message or Email delivery of the verification code. I recommend text delivery at this time. Hopefully, Ring will enable app based notifications in the future.

Ring Two Factor Authentication Text Messages
Ring Text Message Verification

Step 4: Turn on Ring Two Factor Authentication

Select “Turn on Two Factor” by pressing the button on the bottom of the app screen. Then confirm your account with your password.

Ring Turn on Two Factor
Turn on Two Factor Authentication
Confirm Ring Account
Confirm Ring Account

Step 5: Choose Phone Number and Enter Code

Enter the phone number that will be used to text you the verification code. This number will be tied to your Ring account name. You will immediately receive a text message with a verification code to enter. 

You only have 60 seconds to enter the Ring verification code before it expires.

Ring Two Factor Authentication Phone Number
Enter Phone Number for Two Factor Verify
Ring Two Factor Verification Code
Enter Ring Verification Code

Step 6: Success! You enabled Two-Factor Authentication

If you entered the code correctly, you will see a success screen confirming two factor authentication was enabled.

Ring Two Factor Authentication Success Message
Ring Two Factor Authentication Setup Successfully!

Now, you will receive a text with verification code on your phone anytime your Ring password is requested.

FAQ: Ring Two Factor Authentication

Here are some common questions related to Ring two factor authentication. You can see additional two step verification questions and answers on Ring’s website.

How does two factor authentication work with multiple users?

Each user on the Ring account will setup two factor authentication. This will allow each person to enter their own phone number for text message verification codes.

Do you have to enter a verification code to use live view?

No. Once you install and setup the app on your phone, you will not be asked for the verification code again unless you log out. You won’t have a delay in viewing live view.

How do you change the Ring two factor phone number?

You can turn off text message two factor verification and then enable it again to change the phone number used.

Please share this guide to get the word out. Smart home technology is great, but we have to be smart with our password management to make sure we don’t expose ourselves to other threats.

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P.S. Please leave a comment below to ask a question, help someone else or share your experiences. Thanks!

1 thought on “Ring Two Factor Authentication”

  1. Let me explain something to you. You cannot login to your control center without a verification code, to update your phone number. Since I don’t have a computer and only one device ( a smartphone), and can’t change my number, it sends it to my old number…naturally. Ring is sending text verification codes to my old number, which I no longer have, I can’t login to get to the control center. I don’t know why they let you change your password and send you an email link, but send you a text message for the verification code. Ring had someone that obviously didn’t consider that or whatever. I just bought my 2nd ring doorbell and have 2 inside ring cameras. My daughter likes to make sure she can see that I’m ok since I’m 78. Please consider what I’ve said here for others facing the same problem.

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