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ring doorbell flashing white

Why is My Ring Doorbell Flashing White?

You may have noticed your Ring doorbell flashing white patterns.

What does this mean? And what can you do about it?

If your Ring Doorbell is flashing white then you have a WiFi issue. There are four specific WiFi issues that will cause the Ring to blink white: 1) incorrect WiFi credentials, 2) incorrect WiFi password, 3) too weak of a WiFi signal, or 4) a general WiFi connection issue.

Read on for the answers on how to identify and solve these problems.

Ring Doorbell White Light Patterns

There are five primary white light patterns that you can see on your Ring doorbell. Each light represents an issue that you’ll need to fix before your Ring will work properly. Here is the list of all the Ring Doorbell white light patterns and what they mean:

1. Ring Spinning White Light

A spinning white light on your Ring doorbell means that your Ring needs to have the WiFi setup correctly. You will typically find that the Ring Doorbell doesn’t have any WiFi credentials stored when there is a spinning white light.

This is one of the most common issues with Ring Doorbells. See how to reset your Ring Doorbell WiFi further down in the article.

2. Ring Blinking White on Top

A blinking white light at the top of your Ring Doorbell means that you have a password issue. If you see this pattern, then you should try to update the WiFi password on the doorbell from the Ring app.

3. Ring Blinking White on Right

A white light blinking on the right side of your Ring doorbell means that there was an error connecting during setup. This usually occurs when your WiFi signal is too weak to maintain a solid connection.

If you are using a battery powered Ring Doorbell, then try to move it closer to your WiFi router and start the setup again. If it is successful then you know that you need to improve the WiFi signal strength.

You can easily improve WiFi signal strength to your Ring Doorbell with a Ring Chime Pro device that plugs into your wall.

4. Ring Blinking White on Left

A blinking white lift on the left side of your Ring doorbell means you have a setup problem. This is typically a connection problem that is not related to WiFi signal strength.

You can troubleshoot this issue by turning off your WiFi router for about a minute and then plugging it back in. This will clear out whatever connection issues there were and you can start the setup again.

5. Ring Doorbell Flashing White Light

If the entire Ring Doorbell circle is blinking a white light then you don’t have any problems. This white light pattern means the Ring Doorbell is updating the firmware on the device. This should only take a minute or so and then your ring will be back to normal.

How to Reset Ring Doorbell WiFi

Many Ring Doorbell issues happen because of a WiFi setup issue. If your ring doorbell won’t connect to the internet or it doesn’t have any credentials set, then you can usually fix the problem by resetting your ring doorbell’s WiFi settings.

Check Ring Network Issue in App

The Ring App will prominently display an error if you have a WiFi error with one of your devices. Just open the Ring App and it will tell you if the device is offline.

Click “Reconnect This Device” to start the Ring App network troubleshooter to restore your connection.

Ring Doorbell Offline – Reconnect Device

There are two paths to follow to correct your WiFi network issue.

  1. Your device might have lost connection because your WiFi network password has changed. This is a simple fix by following the directions in the app to reset the password.
  2. Your device might develop an issue with the WiFi network settings. This can happen even if nothing has changed. In this case, you have to go through the network setup process on your Ring Doorbell again.
ring app troubleshoot connection
Ring Connection WiFi Troubleshooter
Ring App troubleshoot connection setup mode
Ring Doorbell Setup Mode

My Ring Doorbell randomly lost its connection after having zero issues for 2 years. I had to go through the entire setup process for the WiFi network to correct the issue. This isn’t too difficult and I outline the steps below.

Ring Doorbell Setup Mode

You need to enter the Ring Doorbell setup mode to reconnect your device to your WiFi network. To enter setup mode, you need to remove the faceplate on your Ring Doorbell.

First, remove the security screw from the bottom of your doorbell. You can use the screwdriver that came with your Ring Doorbell. If you don’t have the screwdriver anymore, then you will need a Torx screwdriver that fits your doorbell. They have cheap kits at your local hardware store with multiple Torx bits.

ring doorbell security screw
Remove Ring Doorbell Security Screw

Next, full the faceplate off of the doorbell to reveal the setup button. The setup button is located on the side of the Ring Doorbell Pro.

ring doorbell reset button
Push Ring Doorbell Reset Button on Side

Press the setup button on the side of the doorbell and follow the instructions in the Ring App on your phone to connect your doorbell to your WiFi network.

The process involves connecting your phone directly to your Ring Doorbell and then to your home WiFi.

ring app temporarily connect to ring doorbell
Connect Directly to Ring Doorbell
ring app temporary wifi
Temporary Connection to Ring Doorbell

This process should get your Ring Doorbell reconnected to your WiFi in about 10 minutes.

Check out this article on why Ring Doorbell is Flashing Blue if this happens to you during the setup process.


If you have a Ring Doorbell and it’s flashing or blinking white, then there are a few ways to fix the issue. First, make sure your WiFi is connected before trying any other solutions. Second, check that the device has enough battery power. Lastly, follow the reset process described above to get your device up and running.

We hope this blog post helped you figure out why your Ring Doorbell is blinking or flashing white. If not, then reach out to the Ring support team. It is a good idea to customer support as soon as possible so they can help resolve the problem while still under warranty.

PS. If you figured out another solution to a Ring Doorbell flashing white then share your solution in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Why is My Ring Doorbell Flashing White?”

  1. After changing my ISP I haven’t be able to connect my ring door cam around all try every under the Sun nothing… nada

  2. Thank you for your help. My ring door bell has been in “loading an update” since last Friday, May 20, 2022.
    I have reset it. Several times. Put it on a different WiFi. Even called The Ring help number. They said it might take 24 hours to update.
    Would you have any more help tips.

    1. Hi Cheryl…the only troubleshooting recommendations I have are to move the Ring closer to your WiFi router and to try reinstalling the app on your phone.

  3. Door bell stopped working three days ago after functioning well for four weeks. Moved my Wi-Fi router within 30” of it. All it will do is the white light will circle once then flash for 30 minutes or so. It’s done this for over three hours. I tried a hard reset twice. Turned off and on power twice. No help.

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