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How to Turn Off Amazon Fire Stick

How to Turn Off Fire TV

The fastest way to turn off the Amazon Fire Stick. Follow this quick guide to learn how to turn off the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV.

Turn Off Amazon Fire Stick

One thing you won’t find on the original Fire TV remote is a power button. However, there are two easy ways to turn off the Amazon Fire Stick:

  1. Use the Fire TV Remote to access the quick access menu
  2. Use the Amazon Fire TV App

How to Turn Off Amazon Fire TV Stick with Remote

The fastest and easiest way to turn off the Amazon Fire Stick is with the remote. There are two easy steps that take about 5 seconds to put your device into sleep mode.

Step 1: Press and hold the “Home” button on the remote for 3 seconds.

Holding down the home button will pull up the quick access menu on your TV screen.

Amazon Remote Home Button
Home Button on Remote

Step 2: Select “Sleep” in the quick access menu

Select “Sleep” in the menu and your screen will turn black.

Turn Off Fire Stick with Sleep
Select Sleep

That’s it! You device is now in sleep mode.

Ready to watch TV again? Press any button on the remote to wake the Fire TV Stick from sleep mode.

How to Turn Off Amazon Fire TV Stick with the Phone App

If your remote is across the room, then you can turn off the Amazon Fire Stick with your phone. Just download and install the Amazon Fire TV app onto your phone.

Step 1: Open the Amazon Fire TV App

Open the Amazon Fire TV app and connect to the Fire TV you want to control.

Step 2: Select “Remote” in the bottom menu list.

Select the remote function in the menu list at the bottom of the app.

Amazon Fire TV App Remote
Fire TV Remote on Phone

Step 3: Select the “Gear” icon in the upper left corner.

The “gear” icon will give you access to the sleep function and settings to the Fire TV application.

Amazon Fire TV App Settings
Gear Icon Fire TV App

Step 3: Choose “Sleep” 

Select “Sleep” in the menu and your screen will turn black.

Turn Off Amazon Fire Stick
Put Fire TV to Sleep

Done! Your device is now in sleep mode.

Press any item on the remote app screen to wake the Fire TV Stick from sleep mode.

What is Fire TV Stick Sleep Mode?

You probably noticed in the guides above that you are not really turning off the Fire TV Stick. You are actually putting the Fire TV Stick to sleep. When the Fire TV Stick is in sleep mode, the TV screen will be black, but the device can still receive automatic software update. If you want to fully turn off the Fire Stick, then you can unplug the device.

Fire TV Cube vs Fire Stick 4K

Your Fire TV Stick will automatically put itself into sleep mode if there hasn’t been any activity for 20 minutes (30 minutes for Gen 1 devices). You can wake your Fire TV Stick from sleep mode by pressing any button on the remote or in the remote app.

Upgrade to the new remote!

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Check out our guide to learn how to control Fire TV with Echo.

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22 thoughts on “How to Turn Off Amazon Fire Stick”

    1. It will still use minimal data if the device is asleep. The only way to completely stop it is to unplug the device. However, it shouldn’t use much data at all when asleep.

  1. Is it a good idea to directly turn off the TV and firestick Adapter at the same time through the single extension box? because I have the habit of turning off the main plug switch.

  2. Hi there, please could you hrlp as my TV fire edition is driving me insane. Its like tv is living its own life, coming off channels, coming onto guide while watching TV etc and I didn’t have this issue with previous, none fire edition TV. Can the fire edition be disabled somehow to make it just normal smart tv, please? When I logged off from Amazon account it seemed better behaved, but then for some reason Netflix didn’t won’t to work, asking to log in to Amazon account first… Its mad and so badly designed…
    Thanks for any suggestions and help

    1. Sorry to hear about your problems. I would look to make sure the TV is updated to the most recent version of the software. Then I would restart/reboot the TV from the menu. If all else fails, then I would factory reset the TV to see if the problems go away.

  3. Hi
    I want to know if I want to listen songs from YouTube in background then how is that possible in Amazon fire stick?

  4. I don’t know about others, but our fire sticks cause too much interference to watch over the air tv with it on, so I have been using a separate wireless power remote to disconnect power to the firestick so we can watch over the air channels. I was excited to see the new power off feature on the new firestick 4K, so we bought it. It is much faster than the old one, but since it does not power off the firestick, but only sleeps, we still cannot watch over the air tv with it on, (even in sleep), so I will have to dig out the other remote and power switch once again. In my world, off means OFF.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      You don’t need to disconnect the Fire stick. Just put the Fire Stick to sleep and change the input on the TV with your TV remote.

    1. Hi Gloria,

      It isn’t streaming TV shows, but it might update while asleep. Remember that just turning the TV off doesn’t necessarily put the Fire TV to sleep. It will likely fall asleep after a period of inactivity, but would be better to put the Fire TV to sleep manually if you want to ensure you don’t consume data.

  5. I just put to sleep my mother’s firestick, and it is still using internet services via my router. Obviously putting it to sleep doesn’t work to turn it completely off.

    1. Stacey…that is correct. You have to unplug the Fire TV Stick to completely power it off. However, it should consume minimal power while in sleep mode.

        1. Hi Robert,

          I haven’t encountered that issue. You might have to try a factory reset of the unit or use this as an opportunity to upgrade 🙂

  6. I press the power button on the upper left corner of the amazon fire tv stick , is that putting it in sleep mode or is it shutting off the tv and the fire stick ?

      1. what is the voice command to make Alexa put the Fire TV Cube into sleep mode? I can’t find it by googling or asking Alexa.

        1. Hi David,

          The Fire TV Cube is meant to be “always on” like the Echo or Echo Dot. You can turn on/off your TV and other entertainment devices with voice commands to the Fire TV Cube, but you can’t turn it off like a Fire TV Stick. However, you can mute the microphones using the button on top of the device.


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