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How to Enable Alexa Brief Mode

How to Enable Alexa Brief Mode

Alexa...stop saying OK. Learn how to turn on Alexa Brief Mode to stop Alexa from responding to every command. Brief Mode is very handy when you use Alexa in a smart home.


Stop Alexa from Saying OK

Does Alexa talk too much? Just turn on Alexa Brief Mode and enjoy the silence. Brief Mode is a simple setting that makes Alexa speak less and stop saying OK after commands. 

If you control smart home devices with Alexa, then enabling Brief Mode is a must. For example, if you say “Alexa, turn on the lights” then Alexa will say OK and then turn on the lights. If Brief Mode is enabled, then Alexa will just beep and turn on the lights. 

Here is the description you will find in the Alexa app for Brief Mode.

What is Alexa Brief Mode?

When enabled, Alexa speaks less and for some simple messages, plays a short sound instead of a voice response.

When you turn on Brief Mode, it is applied to all Alexa devices on your account. You can not turn it on for each device individually.

How do I Turn on Alexa Brief Mode?

You can turn on Brief Mode in the Alexa app on your phone or from Just following these simple steps in the app.

Step 1 - Open Settings in the Alexa App

Open the “Hamburger” Menu in the top corner of the Alexa App and select Settings.

Alexa Hamburger Menu
Alexa App Settings

Step 2 - Open Your Alexa Account Settings

Select Alexa Account in the settings menu.

Alexa Account App Settings

Step 3 - Open Alexa Voice Responses

Select Alexa Voice Responses in the Alexa Account settings menu.

Alexa Voice Responses

Step 4 - Turn on Alexa Brief Mode

Toggle the Brief Mode button to the on position.

Alexa Brief Mode

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