Smart Locks that Work with Ring Alarm and Doorbell

Smart Locks that Work with Ring Alarm and Ring Doorbell

You can control your smart lock in the Ring Doorbell app. Lock and unlock directly in the Ring app. Here are the best smart locks that work with Ring Alarm or Ring Doorbell.

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Build a Smart Home: Step 1

Create a Smart Home – Step 1

Congratulations! You are about to embark on the fun, frustrating, and addictive journey of building a Smart Home.

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SmartThings DIY Home Automation Hub and Devices

Home Automation Hub: Samsung SmartThings Review

The Samsung SmartThings hub is the brains of your Smart Home. Connect all of your Smart Home devices to the SmartThings hub and you can build all of your DIY home automation ideas with the SmartThings App.

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SmartThings Motion Sensor

Review: SmartThings Motion Sensor

Automation and security.

Use the SmartThings motion sensor to turn on the lights or notify you of an intruder.

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Best Z-Wave Door Sensor

The Best Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors

You will discover dozens of uses for door and window sensors in your smart home. This article will make sure you find the best z wave door sensor for your home.

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