Connect Ring Doorbell and Alexa

Connect Ring to Alexa

Does Ring work with Alexa? Yes…and the Alexa Ring Doorbell combo is great! This is a 3 minute guide on how to correctly connect Ring to Alexa.

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Best Alexa Commands

Best Alexa Commands for a Smart Home

The best Alexa commands to use in your smart home. You will be surprised with everything you can do with a simple command to your Echo Dot!

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Alexa Turn on Lights

How To: “Turn on the Lights” with Alexa

Just say, “Alexa. Turn on the Lights.”

Alexa knows where you are and what lights you want to turn on!

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Custom Amazon Alexa Command

Amazon Echo: Create a Custom Voice Command

Create your own custom voice command with Alexa! Create a phrase and choose what Alexa will do when it is said.

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Alexa Light Group

How To: Setup Light Groups with Amazon Alexa

Control multiple lights with one voice command with Alexa!

Group light bulbs in one lamp or group all the lights in a room.

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Alexa and Hue

Alexa and Philips Hue: 3 Minutes to Voice Control of Your Lights

In 3 minutes, you can control your Philips Hue lights with your voice! This is a quick and simple guide on how to connect Alexa and Hue devices.

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Review – Amazon Echo Voice Control

Voice control for you Smart Home! You see it in the movies and now you can have it in your home with the Amazon Echo devices. “Alexa” – Turn on the lights.

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Build a Smart Home: Step 1

Create a Smart Home – Step 1

Congratulations! You are about to embark on the fun, frustrating, and addictive journey of building a Smart Home.

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