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Can Alexa Call 911

Can Alexa Call 911?

Can Alexa Call 911 in an emergency?

Your Amazon Alexa Echo device can NOT call 911 out of the box. However, your Amazon Echo can call 911 using an Echo Connect or it can trigger a 911 call with some monitored alarm systems.

Here are a couple of options that allow you to call or get help from 911 using Alexa. 

Some options to trigger an emergency call with Alexa include:

  1. Echo Connect – Echo Connect allows Alexa to make phone calls from your home based landline. If you have an Echo Connect set up with your Echo device, then you can call 911 with Alexa. Unfortunately, the Echo Connect is not being sold by Amazon at this time.
  2. Monitored Alarm Systems – Many monitored alarm systems can be controlled by voice with Alexa. Some of those systems allow you to directly trigger a panic alarm by voice. Others allow you to arm the alarm system by voice which could then trigger the emergency call. 

Alarm Systems with Alexa Emergency Voice Commands

Several alarm systems can connect to Alexa, which allows you to control it by voice. Some systems only allow you to arm and disarm the alarm. However, others allow you to trigger the Panic Alarm by voice, which typically leads to your alarm company calling emergency services for you.

Alarm SystemAlexa Voice Panic AlarmArm / Disarm by Voice
Simply say, “Alexa, tell Abode there is an emergency”
Ring SecurityNoYes
Scout AlarmYes
Simply say, “Alexa, tell Scout to Panic”

Alarm systems are constantly updated, so please let me know in the comments below if new features are added to an alarm system. 

Check out these other projects to make Alexa even better:

  1. Setup Alexa Privacy Settings – Make sure you account is safe and secured.
  2. Change Alexa’s Name – You don’t have to use the name “Alexa”
  3. Reset Alexa – Some times you have to reset Alexa to get rid of an error.
  4. Do Not Disturb – Make sure Alexa doesn’t bother you or your family during certain times.

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